Reinvigorating Maths Class

Maths anxiety cripples students’ ability to participate and progress in class. Forty percent of students begin Year 7 already behind in mathematics. The number of students going on to complete advanced maths in Years 11 and 12 and at university is decreasing.

Yet a projected 75% of future jobs will rely on STEM skills, notably mathematics.

What’s being done to address this chasm between present problems and future need? Check out this article I wrote recently for Teach for Australia’s Stories Blog about a maths program that is successfully turning around student learning outcomes.


2 thoughts on “Reinvigorating Maths Class

  1. Michaela, the statistics aren’t any better here in the states. I love the idea of focused intervention. We know in our middle school multiplicative thinking is the building block of so much of our math content. I would like to learn more about your strategies for intervention.

  2. Hi Diana, thanks for your comment. We’ve been using a program called Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Years. There’s more info, including assessments and tasks, here:
    Some of the specific strategies we’ve used with this program are team teaching (with 2-3 classes together and students placed in flexible groups) and booklets that students use to note down vocabulary, task aims, strategies used and findings. Hope this helps.

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